GARFIELD - Beautiful Ginger 1 year Old Male!!URGENT: It is extremely important that we find a home for Garfield!!!

 Garfield, a beautiful ginger cat, placed in the NGO 9 Lives’ care after he was inexplicably hurt. After painful visits to the vet, and the volunteer’s tireless care, Garfield’s wound is healing. He is extremely sweet, good and cuddly and he loves, loves to eat Garfield has been neutered and is looking for a good home, because we don’t want to risk him being hurt again, if returned to the street. He is around 2 years old.

URGENT: It is extremely important that we find a home for Garfield, he was placed in the temporary home of a volunteer, which is too crowded with sick and orphaned cats as it is. Since he no longer needs medical care and is ready for adoption, we really need to find a good home for him, or he will have to go back to the streets.
When his wound completely heals, he will look normal again, his eye led will not remain like that.

Name: Garfield
Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Ref: Adriana Popovic